Work Package 5 - Implementation and Practical Application

Work Package Lead: Adam Kleczkowski (University of Strathclyde)

Objective 5.1 - Knowledge exchange and implementing the Decisions Support Tool

Team: Cathryn Lambourne, Anne Stone, Graham Bannister (AHDB); Adam Kleczkowski (University of Strathclyde); Glyn Jones (Newcastle University)

Successful implementation of the decision support tool (DST) depends on close cooperation with the industry. This objective will use AHDB’s Farm Excellence Platform, including their SPot Farm programme, our other stakeholder partners, Scottish Agronomy, SA Consulting, SASA, Bayer and Soil Essentials, and other stakeholder meetings and conferences to co-construct ideas with policy and industry and disseminate our finding from the project.

Objective 5.2 - Modelling the impact of the Decisions support Tool

Team: Adam Kleczkowski (University of Strathclyde); Glyn Jones (Newcastle University)

Disease management practices can impact neighbours and ultimately the whole industry. The implementation of the DST to control blackleg will enable the mitigation of risks and consequences of grower actions locally but will also have the knock-on effect on the management of seed production. This objective will examine the impact of implementing the DST and the resulting management strategies using an epidemiological model combined with a game-theoretical approach and interviews on a wide network of contacts.